Pilot Speak> Bumpy = mildly terrifying. Interesting = proper scarey shit!

Having cheked the forcast I didn't think there was a chance to to go flying to see the extent of the local floods but having my lunch it looked better than forcast so off I went.. several diversions later due to closed roads and an accident and i got to a very water-logged airfield. "No problem", I've loads of power, plenty of runway and I've still got lots of turkey and mince pies left so not too heavy... The take off run was about 5 times longer than normal due to the mud/water up to the axles but still only used half of the runway. "No problem." At about 150ft up it became a little "bumpy" and by 1000ft was getting "interesting"! "No problem." Suddenly my vision went a bit funny, that's "interesting" thinks I... then I realised one of the lenses of my glasses had fallen out. I soldiered on for a few miles but was concerned that I had bent something on take off as the cockpit looked weird. I removed the remains of my glasses and everything looked a bit blurred but a least it looked straight ish.. I decided to head back to the airfield as I still had 25kt winds and 4inches of mud to contend with, plus the fact I couldn't see properly... "No problem." Then it started to rain.. someone up there is having a laugh at my expense. Fortunately the approach was only a little "bumpy" and the landing was one of my better efforts, largely due to the fact that I couldn't really see the runway.. As I pushed into the hanger I thought, "No problem."

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