I use Abobe Lightroom 4 for about 99% of my image editing with only the occasional image needing further work in Photoshop.

Lightroom is brilliant for adding presets and keywords at the time of import and makes the job of importing lots of images a much quicker job. To create your own preset of settings that you are likely to use again in the future is quite simple and will save you loads of time in the future. Once you have made all the adjustments to your image and are happy with the final result,  open the Develop module, under Presets on the left hand side click the + symbol, call the Preset something you'll remember such as Bright Landscape or whatever, tick all the relevant boxes of the adjustments you've made to your image and click Create.. Job done. Next time you have an image that you want to make the same corrections/enhancements to, simply open you image in the develop module and click the 'Bright Landscape' preset you created and voila! You may need to make a few minor tweeks to get it exactly right but you'll have a great starting point.

Some of the presets I have created to really speed things up are: Noise reduction and sharpening at different ISO settings, I've ones for 800, 1600, 3200, 6400. When shooting weddings I will use most of the higher ISO's if shooting in dark churches etc. I simply open all the wedding images as thumbnails in the library module, at the top of the panel click 'metadata', this will open several columns such as: Date, Camera, Lens etc. If ISO isn't one of your columns simply click the arrow to the right of the column title word and a drop down box will open with loads of attributes you can use to search for images. In this case we want to click ISO, this will then list all the different ISO's used and how many shots taken at each ISO speed. If you then click the ISO speed you want to correct such as 800, only photos taken at ISO 800 will be displayed. Then (here comes the really good bit!) click the spray can at the bottom of the  thumbnail panel, click the up/down arrows to the right of it and click settings, then to the right of settings click the up/down arrows and find the preset you created for the noise reduction and click it. Then all you have to do is highlight all the images you want to apply the prest to and click one of the images. You should see a white border appear around the outside of the image/s, this means it's done! In practice it takes seconds to apply to 1 image or 1000.. You can also use the spray can (paint) tool to add keywords or flag/rate your images too. It's a great tool that many people don't seem to use, maybe because they think it's something to do with painting the image...

Once you get into using presets you'll probably want to try many others. There are thousands available, some you pay for many you don't. Do a search for 'free lightroom presets' and you'll find enough to keep you busy for hours!

Loading downloaded (and unzipped) presets into lightroom is dead easy, in the Develop module, click presets, right click the folder you want to put them in, such as user presets, click import and away you go.

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